Admission Requirements


Registration/reservation requirements for senior high school include:

    1. Filling up of application form
    2. Taking the assessment test (no pass/fail) and interview
    3. Paying the reservation fee of P500

Enrollment requirements beginning in May/June 2016 include:

  1. Submission of Form 137 or Grade 10 report card and copy of certificate of Grade 10 completion
  2. Submission of copy of NSO birth certificate
  3. Submission of certificate of good moral character from previous school
  4. Submission of 1 long brown envelope, 2 pcs of 2×2 picture, etc.
  5.  Payment of tuition fees from students from private schools who did not avail of DepEd voucher subsidy.



  1. Accomplished Application Form
  2. High School Report Card (Form 138)
  3. High School Transcript (Form 137a)
  4. Note: This should be a school to school transaction to ensure its authenticity
  5. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  6. 2×2 picture (for 201 file)
  7. 1×1 picture (for ID)


  1. Accomplished Application Form
  2. Accomplished Application Form
  3. Honorable Dismissal/ Transfer Credentials
  4. Temporary Transcript/ Certificate of Grades for evaluation purposes
  5. Official Transcript of Records to be sent by the previous school with a notation:
  6. COPY FOR: AMA University, Proj. 8, QC
  7. Subject description taken from the previous school
  8. 1×1 picture (for ID)